The Real Trick to the Meatball Shop’s Ice Cream Sandwiches: Mix and Match Your Cookies


There’s been a lot of talk about the Meatball Shop‘s sumptuous ice cream sandwiches. On a recent visit, waitress Elizabeth gave us the scoop on how to order them like a real pro.

Like the meatballs and sides, the ice cream sandwiches are ordered by choosing your ideal cookie-and-ice cream combo. But insiders know that only chumps get the same cookie on top and bottom. For the biggest flavor explosion, mix and match your cookies. Two tried-and-tested mismatched creations include a chocolate chip cookie on top, vanilla ice cream, and a peanut butter cookie on the bottom. Or get a little crazy with a chocolate cookie on top, tangerine ice cream, and a gingersnap on the bottom. It’s a chocolate orange on crack.

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