Video: The Business Insider and Henry Blodget Screamed at by Crazyperson for Four Minutes


Since today’s apparently the day we clear out all the news of people going apeshit on media properties far and wide, here’s this: a guy screaming about blog network The Business Insider, its owner Henry Blodget, and some TBI writers. For three minutes and forty-five seconds. On video. Somewhere in the canon of 21st Century Critical Oration Regarding the Fourth Estate, there’s a place for this, I suppose.

You know, lots of people have their grips with websites! I can’t say I’m a huge fan of slideshows or sensationalism or aggregation, all of which TBI has done before, all of which Blodget has made passionate, intelligent arguments for, which are yours to agree or disagree with. But they’ve also indisputably done some pretty great stuff!

Well, uh, this person disagrees.

The gentleman in the video — Loren Feldman — begins his speech by calling TBI “one of the worst internet sites in the history of the internet.” With an opening salvo like that, you know it’s only going to get “better.” And it does:

Well, at least we know who TBI’s commenters are, now. Jesus.