Wild Goose Chase in Prospect Park Continues for Bird Shot in the Neck


A wild goose who essentially has an arrow-hole tracheotomy amazingly continues flying and eating in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Hundreds of rangers, volunteers, and Parks Department employees are attempting to capture the bird to provide appropriate medical attention, but the bird is too damn fast. This poor bird’s resilience is absolutely incredible.

“We had almost given up, and it was just sighted again,” Tupper Thomas, the Prospect Park Administrator for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, told us this afternoon. “Obviously, it would be better for the goose if he were caught, but he doesn’t get that.”

The goose was floating around Prospect Park Lake earlier today, and boat crews were on its trail, but could not capture the evasive bird. “He’s a sought-after goose,” Thomas said. In her 30 years of working at Prospect Park, she says she has never seen anything like this.

No one knows how the goose was shot.