192-Proof Liquor Now Legal in New York: Baby Sips, People, Baby Sips


The State Liquor Authority recently approved the sale of 192-proof booze (96 percent alcohol), per the Daily News. That’s right, 192-proof — now that’s the definition of efficiency. Although if you drink too much, your hair might go up in flames.

Next time you see someone who looks underage hugging a city trash can, this may be the culprit. Brace yourselves, New York.

Labels including Spirytus Rektyfikowany and Baks Spirytus (which are totally words we say we’re we’re drunk!) have hit liquor store shelves, and Eastern European New Yorkers who used to have to schlep to New Jersey for their strong spirits are happy to have their liquor a little closer. But we’re not worried about them, they can handle it.

Making the potent poison more tempting, a 750-milliliter bottle (between 25 and 26 ounces) goes for $22. It’s a great bang for your buck — though you might end up in the hospital.

New York State Liquor Authority , thank you from the bottom of our livers.