Download: Mr. Dream, “Scarred For Life”


Stereogum is already calling these guys post-“Knuckle Sandwich,” which is funny–writing the next song is just what bands are supposed to do, right? Nevertheless, that site’s Brandon Stosuy is indeed onto something: if “Knuckle Sandwich” was the howling, hobo-killing winter theme song for any number of surly Brooklynites, “Scarred For Life” is the terse, sweaty summer analog–too full of loathing to even get off the couch. Sung by Mr. Dream bassist Matt Morello, whose employment in a sector other than journalism we are contractually obligated to note. Never mind that drummer Nick Sylvester works for the Colbert Report, which is in fact a TV show, or that guitarist Adam Moerder’s last name can and should be pronounced “Murder.” Both are tarred with the Pitchfork brush. Somehow, we know the feeling.

Download: [audio-1]