iPad Clothing: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest in Geek Chic


There are a lot of people who really want iPads, and some of those people will use items they should probably conceal in order to get them. However, other far less dazed and deficient consumers just want to conceal their iPad — which is why numerous iPad outfits have emerged from the tech-savvy fashionista woodwork. From vests, dresses, and T-shirts to full-fledged suits, the iPad has become the genesis of an Internet Age equivalent to a pocket protector — only the new techie fashion statements are much less conspicuous (in some ways). Herewith, our list of iPad-ready or inspired “fashions.”

The iTee & iDress

The Apple-loving Australian designers at iClothing have created a T-shirt for casual iPad use and a little black dress for mixing cocktails with touchscreens.

For iPad users who love the great outdoors, the Steve Wozniak-endorsed company Scottevest has trademarked the term No Bulge™ because their collection of fleece jackets and travel vests are designed to discreetly conceal all of your technology. We didn’t know men wanted their “technology” so discreet.


Someone has yet to manufacture an official iPad necklace, but this dude opted for a sleek DIY look around his neck. Someone should finally put the solid gold, diamond-encrusted iPad to good use.

For iPad clothing in the figurative sense, we have these graphic panties in pink from CafePress.

And finally, the iSuit

Monhan’s Custom Tailors has unveiled their iPad Suit, complete with a reinforced pocket hidden on the inner jacket so that it doesn’t sag when worn. Mohan “Mike” Ramchandani, owner of Mohan’s Custom Tailors, told us, “I opened my first store over 30 years ago and have always been looking for ways to update the look and design features of menswear. There were the psychedelic colors and patterns in the ’70s, power suits in the ’80s, and casual wear in the ’90s. Today, the ‘techy’ man needs every new gadget while looking for stylish solutions in which to carry them and have them readily accessible. Our designs are customized so that a suit has pocket options for an iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Bluetooth, iPhone, and more.”

The upshot: At least we’ll be seeing fewer Murses running around the city.