NYC Department of Education Is Set to Crack Down on Sexting


The NYC Department of Education is considering imposing rules against sexting and cyberbullying, the Daily News has reported. The trend is already so rampant that it might rival controlling the Gulf oil spill in terms of difficulty — but it seems the DOE will give it a try if the rules are approved at a hearing on Wednesday.

Students who send naked photos or suggestive notes could face up to 90 days of suspension under the new rules. So, if you get naked, you get to miss three months of school. It seems more appropriate to make offenders wear turtlenecks and baggy sweatpants for 90 days, but that might get weird.

All kidding aside, this really is a problem that needs to be addressed, but how will things like “suggestive notes” be defined? Maybe students will have to be more tactful and less graphic with their love notes. Rules against sexting could potentially re-socialize a generation of true romantics. Wouldn’t that be nice.