NYC Designated Driver Campaign Haunts You With Embarrassing Paternal Mantras


New York City’s new Designated Driving campaign, “You the Man!” is embarrassing in a way that only a father-to-teenage-son exchange could emulate. We didn’t know dropping your verbs to imitate an urban vernacular made drinking and driving less appealing. It only makes us want to run up the stairs and shout, “Why can’t you just leave me alone!”

Their website isn’t any less cringe-worthy. Along with a full list of numbers for drivers and cab companies, the site also includes condescending blurbs and statistics á la Larry Miller as the father in 10 Things I Hate About You:

“Mostly sober also means partly drunk.”
“A $30 cab ride is $500 cheaper than a DWI”
“Your body eliminates alcohol at roughly 1 drink per hour.”
“3 out of 10 people will die in an alcohol related cash in their life.”
“Wine coolers have just as much booze as beer.”
“Buzzed driving is a crime in New York, too.”
“Get a visit to jail free when you blow over .08.”

Like a true nagging parent of the Digital Age, “You the Man!” is encouraging you to Tweet your gratitude to your designated driver via the hashtag #YTMNYC. Two responsible drinkers will be awarded for their broadcasts, and, surprisingly, the prizes aren’t too shabby:

1st Runner Up
VIP Package courtesy of the Staten Island Yankees including box tickets for you and 19 of your friends, free nosh and drinks, a “backstage” tour of Richmond County Bank Ballpark, and a public shout-out at the game. We’re throwing in transportation for you and your friends (your own personal Designated Driver!).

Grand Prize
The SI Yankees field will be yours for the night in September, for up to 30 people to play ball just like the pros. Includes food, drinks, and an announcer to call out team names and players plus a Samsung 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera to capture the action.

Aww. Thanks, Dad. You the Man.