Paying $2,500 a Month to Live Next to the Lincoln Tunnel Is Really Quite Adventurous!


Remember when they started calling “Hell’s Kitchen” “Clinton” or, generically, “Midtown West”? You know, to better represent its pastoral delights? Now, an area near the Lincoln Tunnel that was previously known only as a place you avoided at all costs unless you were conventioning or going to Jersey — a/k/a, the smelly, heavily trafficked, oft-desolate area west of Ninth Avenue from 33rd to 42nd streets — has its own perky new nickname and brand upgrade campaign.

Curbed calls out the New York Daily News“gushing profile” on “the Linc,” which includes such nuggets as the following:

For now, it still has an old New York feel as eccentric locals and a spillover of tourists and colorful panhandlers from the Port Authority Bus Terminal crowd the gritty streets — recently joined by young preprofessionals paying more than $2,500 a month to live in studio apartments in the new crop of luxury rentals. Bars, some new and expensive, others decades old and mangy, are everywhere. A flea market is open at 39th St. and Ninth Ave. every weekend.

“Colorful,” of course, is the real-estate equivalent of “cozy” — as in, you don’t really want to live there.

But it won’t be colorful for long!

“Think of the Time Warner Center on steroids,” says Jay Cross, president of Related Oxford Hudson Yards. “This is the fastest-growing section of Manhattan, and this will be its centerpiece.”

Somebody at the Daily News have stake in Hudson Yards or something? Or perhaps this is just a strategic ploy to get newbies to move as far West as possible, leaving the more desirable locations of Manhattan for the rest of us. If so, wink, wink.