Scent Company Perfuming the World With Happiness Tests Wares on Low-Income So-Bro Apartments


Manhattan-based fragrance company International Flavors & Fragrances recently tested “L’Eau Verte du Bronx du Sud” (the Green Water of the South Bronx), on the Sister Thomas Apartments, a low-income housing development there, to “infuse optimism and happiness” on the 200 residents, according to Bloomberg Business Week and New York‘s Daily Intel. The articles don’t mention the possibilities of allergies, dislike of the scents, or distaste for the concept, though it would be nice if the ambient aromas dissipated all of those things. If this is what humanity has been missing all along, where do we pre-order a lifetime supply?

Hotels, retail stores, and car companies have all experimented with the growing trend of ambient scent as a form of brand identity. If the project at the Sister Thomas Apartments really does make people happy, think of the implications! Crime rates will be zilch (except for people stealing scents to get their fix), psychiatrists will be out of business (but still optimistic), and everyone will say hello to each other on elevators.

New York could be a perfume-infused paradise. Ahh.