The Turkish Slider Is Born in Brooklyn at Sultan Gyro Grill


The Turkish slider, in all its oozy glory.

Just as the slider phenomenon has petered out in the city’s tonier restaurants (I’m even embarrassed to be caught saying the word “slider”), just as it’s gone the way of bacon and pork belly in the blogs and print media — zoom! Sliders have gone worldwide. Or at least citywide.

Turkish sliders come in fives — with fries!

Motoring down Coney Island Avenue in remote Gravesend, Brooklyn, the other day, I spotted a sign in the window of a Turkish gyro shop (there are at least a half-dozen in that vicinity) advertising a special on Turkish sliders. It seems the proprietors, eyes on the food channel, had seen the virtue of the postmodern slider extolled, and, realizing that their own ground-lamb kofte kebabs could be repurposed, they invented the Turkish slider. Wanting to disguise the kebab as much as possible, they didn’t slather on the yogurt or hot sauces, but rather bought a bottle of commercial barbecue sauce and a package of yellow American cheese.

Selling five for $8, with a bonus boat of fries thrown in to make it a gut-busting meal, the sliders are tasty, with a slight smoky taste from the gas-fired grill. Hell, I’d put these up against any $5 slider in Manhattan. Sultan Gyro Grill, 2556 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-998-2424