Week in Review: A Safe Atmosphere


In the week that 25,000 people converged on a South Street Seaport venue meant for only about 10,000, were denied a free Drake concert, and promptly began rioting, we dodged metal chairs, watched as Police Commissioner Ray Kelly put the blame on the show’s organizers, and lamented as other free shows began to be cancelled across New York City. That said, worth keeping in mind: Why You Hate Drake, and Why You’re Wrong About Hating Drake.

Oh yeah, and the other terrible thing that happened that night? Rock critic Christopher R. Weingarten’s apartment burned down. Luckily, we found him two new Buddha Boxes. Small consolation…

…especially when he managed to file twice for us this week anyway?! First, on new Brooklyn art-croon crew Translations, and then on J.G. Thrilwell, whose Ectopia you can still see for free in Prospect Park tonight, if you hustle. Elsewhere California rapper Fashawn told us about remaking Nas’s Illmatic, Pantha Du Prince explained why collaborating with Panda Bear doesn’t mean he’s gone pop, and the New Pornographers’ A.C. Newman talked to us about leaving Brooklyn for Woodstock.

Hey! Look! Ponytail, Dom, Holy Fuck, Apache Beat got added to Siren Festival 2010.

Live from yesterday’s Ted Leo video shoot at the Bell House. Prince jumped onstage with Larry Graham at B.B. King’s. John Mayer played the Village Underground in the middle of the night, then sang “Billie Jean” with some random dude on the street. The Puma Social Club hosted Rusty Lazer. The Dan Deacon Ensemble inspired people to hula hoop at Red Hook Park. Quintron, Miss Pussycat, and JEFF the Brotherhood played Death By Audio. Pocahaunted and Sleep Over were too much for the newly installed fans at Glasslands. And Bernie Worrell, Matthew Shipp, Uri Caine, Dave Douglas, and Graham Haynes helped animate the Undead Jazzfest.

Here is a gallery of naked photos of Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes.

Plus how last night’s Pitchfork office party with Beach Fossils really went down, Questlove, the stencil, new music from Mr. Dream, a bunch of cats listening to the new Devo record, portraits from The Wire paintball tournament, and Fela! totally got hosed by the Tonys. Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out our nightlife guide. We’re back on Monday.