Whole Foods Dumps Boozy Kombucha; the Most Exclusive Subway in Town


Food mega corp ConAgra is recalling all Marie Callender’s Cheesy Chicken and Rice frozen meals, regardless of when they were made, due to possible salmonella contamination.
[USA Today]

Whole Foods is removing kombucha, a fermented tea drink, from its shelves because of concerns over the low levels of alcohol it can contain.

The Food Network in association with Celebrity Cruises is launching a cruise called “Food Network at Sea,” which will feature network hosts like Cat Cora and Aarón Sánchez.
[NY Times]

Wal-Mart’s Heritage Agriculture program uses local produce for up to 6 percent of all fruits and veggies the chain sells, but critics are suspicious of the company’s claims.

The Times‘ Dining section team aimed to settle the Mama Cuomo-Sandra Lee lasagna debate with a taste test. The semi-homemade recipe was “ketchuppy,” but palatable.
[Diners’ Journal]

Sky Vegetables Inc. and GreenGrid Roofs are among a growing number of companies manufacturing tools for building hydroponic farms on roofs.

Subway has opened a new location at the top of the steel honeycomb that forms 1 World Trade Center that must be taken up by crane as the skyscraper rises.
[NY Times]

Restaurants are improving security after the Post‘s East Village carding sting. B.R. Guest owner Stephen Hanson is using underage kids to test his restaurants.
[NY Post]