Kids Doing Journalism: Teen Reporter Owns Local Politician in Video Interview


Maybe the future of the press is phenomenal, based on this video clip, tweeted by Salon political blogger Glenn Greenwald, who wrote, “A high school student illustrates what ‘journalism’ is when interviewing an Arizona GOP State Senator over budget cuts.” And that’s understated.

The reporter, Keith Wagner, is sitting down with John Huppenthal (pictured), the Arizona Republican candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a man clearly expecting softballs. He gets anything but and gets roasted, Katie Couric vs. Sarah Palin-style, except with substantive policy data. Watch this:

Wagner did his research and jumps right in, asking about education budget cuts, which Huppenthal voted for. Unable to answer, Huppenthal stammers, “Tell me a little bit more about that vote. What committee did it take place on?” The kid is well prepared: “I actually have that right here,” he says, handing Huppenthal a print out. The candidate grins, chuckles. “Well… So…”


Wait until you see how Huppenthal reacts: