Manute Bol, Ex-NBA Player and Super Tall Humanitarian, Dead at 47


Manute Bol, one-time NBA star and lifelong activist, has passed away in the hospital where he was being treated for “severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition,” the Associated Press is reporting. Known first as the tallest player the league had ever seen for his 10 season in the league, and later as an activist, especially in Sudan, Bol worked tirelessly with his foundation, Sudan Sunrise, to promote reconciliation after a basketball career with four teams. Legend has it that despite the fact that he couldn’t skate, Bol once signed a one-day contract to play in the Central Hockey League, the publicity from which raised money to assist children in Sudan. Both Sudan ”and the world have lost a hero,” said Tom Prichard, director of Sundanese Sunrise. You can read more about Bol’s philanthropic history and illness in this piece from

Former NBA Player Manute Bol Dies in Va. Hospital [New York Times]