Shit My Dad Says Poo Poos All Over Laura Bush, Anthony Bourdain, Chelsea Handler


Justin Halpern is a New York Times number one best-selling author. He’s the 29-year-old formerly underemployed comedy writer who moved back in with his parents, struggling, and started the Shit My Dad Says Twitter. People thought it was funny, the things his old man said. (The father curses a lot.) Then, it became a book, released on May 4. Now it sits atop the New York Times best sellers list for Hardcover Nonfiction, two weeks running. Behind Halpern are the world famous TV chef Anthony Bourdain and former first lady of the United States Laura Bush. Sorry: “—- My Dad Says.”

Here are some things to consider:

1) This book, based on Twitter, came out in hardcover. People bought it and bought it and bought it. People continue to buy it.

2) Halpern’s book is made up, as the title instructs, of “shit” his dad said. Meaning he hardly had to write.

3) Laura Bush might have (definitely) had help writing. She may have even created less content than Halpern. But she would be recognized on the street, automatically gets prime placement at the airport bookstore and knows Barack Obama’s phone number, probably.

4) As an aside, and speaking of airports, Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is still in the top 10, after 81 weeks on the list.

5) Chelsea Handler, whose blurb is on Halpern’s Shit cover, is number six on the list.

Just wow, all around.

Soon, the Twitter feed will be a television show starring William Shatner. It might not be funny! Halpern can dry his tears with money.