Everyone Hates New Jersey, Whether It Stinks or Not


Preconceived notions are hard things to break, especially when they originate with those who know how it really is. Then it’s just called the truth. Just ask New Jersey, arguably the state most often derided by outsiders, but also a state in which 75% of residents say they’re “dissatisfied” with the state of things, according to a new poll reported by the Wall Street Journal. How do you go about correcting this dissatisfaction? YouTube videos and slogans, duh!

The “very satisfied” trash-land dwellers come to 2%; their names are Snooki, Ronnie, Mike, etc. It’s bad news for politicians — 43% see Gov. Chris Christie as a “bully” — but nothing is worse than the rest of the nation making fun of you.

Jersey Doesn’t Stink is sick of the clichés:

If one more person asks if you’re from Joisey, are you going to snap? WE ARE! If you’re from New Jersey you have something inside you no other state could possibly understand: JERSEY PRIDE. It’s time for all of us to come together and stand up for our great state. IT’S TIME TO SHOW THE WORLD: JERSEY DOESN’T STINK!

CAPS equal SERIOUS. There is also a video, which is wholly unconvincing.

The professional quality of the site, along with its sponsors, including anti-drug group D.A.R.E., indicate that this is not, in fact, a joke. It’s hard to tell, though. And despite the fact that the site seems very new, this is quite sad:

More than 1,493? The line at Whole Foods Bowery this morning.