A Bubble Gum for Bologna Lovers That Invites You to ‘Blow Your Lunch!’


For your chewing pleasure: bologna- or wiener-shaped bubble gum. Note the invitation to puke: “Blow your lunch!”

For those who live and breathe meat, and want everything to be meat, there’s a new line of bubble gum available shaped like bologna and hot dogs.

In fact, the manufacturer has gone to great pains to make the bologna look like an actual Oscar Mayer package of yesteryear.

While the gum tastes like normal bubble gum (alas! if it only tasted like meat), the two varieties superficially resemble their respective meat products. In fact, if you were to put the bologna in a sandwich, it might be mistaken for real luncheon meat. Until you bite down on it, that is, and get a flood of the artificial banana flavor used in most bubble gums.

The pair are manufactured in China for Ford Gum and Machine Company of Akron, New York, and are available at the myriad Heavenly Delights stores, which cater to tourists in Midtown. In the vicinity of Buffalo, the town of Akron is also home to Perry’s Ice Cream.

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