Amsterdam to Employ “Decoy Jews,” One-Liners Regarding Them Write Themselves


Amsterdam is now going to be using “Decoy Jews” to help ferret out anti-Semitic violence. They already use “Decoy Gays” and “Decoy Rich People,” so this isn’t really anything new. But still:

Choose One:

  • Police interrogations now include the standard “Why couldn’t you just have been a doctor or a lawyer?”
  • Ponzi schemers everywhere shudder in fear.
  • Somewhere, the Franks are like, NOW?
  • And you thought cops’ mothers were worried before this.
  • You know what these guys won’t catch? Tay-Sachs.
  • So undercover, they even think your reform shul is “bullshit.”

And so on. Please feel free to contribute your own in the comments. Be funny. Not mean.