Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rudy Giuliani, Friends Forever: AHNOLD Comes to New York


The LA Times‘ Gregory Rodriguez worried this morning about New Yorkers dominating the national media conversation and if Los Angeles was a city in need of finding itself needing to “do better to think a little more provincially.” Maybe that’s what Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was trying to research on his trip out here, the photos of which were just posted to his blog!

His description:

A big day in New York City. Visiting one of my favorite Big Apple restaurants, Elaine’s. So much history there — that’s me with the legend herself. Participated in a fantastic gala to raise money for After School All Stars, and then sat down with the Mayor to watch Game 7. Go Lakers!

We’ll give you that, LA definitively has better basketball than us. But everything else sucks. But if you want him, and they won’t charge you an extra baggage fee on THE (gubernatorial) CHOPPAH, you can take this guy with you:

In fact, he kind of looks like he belongs with you. I mean, isn’t there precedent for this?

Hear that sound? It’s Oscar. He’s calling. Unfortunately, like every visiting big name politician, Bloomberg let him have his way with the city, and the California Governor’s motorcade — like it does every time — caused a scene:

It’s like, We’re just trying to get to work, and you’re just the governor of California, man. We got enough street traffic as is. You can see the rest of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s photos here, but what you really want to see is more from Hercules In New York. Don’t lie.