Bad Trends: Unruly Youths Running Around Trying to Blow Stuff Up


Kids! Seems that old Drano explosives trend is kicking up again. According to the New York Post, seven of these makeshift bombs (soda bottles filled with Drano and bleach, or possibly aluminum foil) were planted outside a Washington Heights public school over the weekend. The Daily News reports that fire and police bomb experts found 20 exploded bottles in the area.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but neighbors are a little freaked about all the firework noises going off all the time in their hood when we still have two whole weeks until the Fourth of July. And, frankly, someone could put out an eye, or worse.

We have to say, though, we’re ever so slightly impressed with the chemistry know-how of these youngsters — we’ve only ever thought to use Drano on those toughest of tough clogs. If only they could use their talents for good. Kids…bombs? New York? Bad idea. Go stare at your violent video games instead, please.