David Perez Is Currently Doing Anything You Tweet


David Perez, who we told you about last week, wanted to go to the Advertising Festival in Cannes, and his employer, ad firm Leo Burnett, agreed to send him under one condition: He must do whatever people on Twitter tell him to do for a five days.

So, as of this morning, Perez is on demand in Cannes. He wears glasses that are outfitted with a tiny Web cam that streams to People tweet, he acts and responds. At 9 a.m. in New York, it was time for a late lunch in Cannes, steak frites to be exact. “Hi, I’m going to perpetuate stereotypes about the French,” he told viewers. “This is a french fry. Delicious.”

Someone tweeted that Perez should spill wine on his lap, so, he positioned his web cam to show him holding a glass, and dumped it all over his pants. “There you go. There’s pink wine all over my wang. There you go, Internet, you asked for it,” he said.

His website has short clips you can watch to catch up before you become full-time addicted to this weird social experiment. In one, he even gets a tattoo! We almost hope that’s a hoax. In others, he runs next to a jogger, gives people a kiss, and gives the homeless change. Perez is a funny guy and seems lovable, so most of this is actually more entertaining than you might expect.

At about 2:30 here in New York, a tweet flashed on the screen: “Do 3 shots of Patron and find a Karaoke machine at Best Buy and go nuts.” Since then, Perez’s camera has been on the fritz. Perhaps Patron is to blame, but hopefully the technical difficulties will be resolved by the time he gets to Best Buy — if there is one in Cannes. Maybe if he takes down the booze, his thick rimmed Web cam-rigged classes will soon be beer goggles. If he turns them around, we’ll think he’s a stud.