Eminem’s Recovery Is Out Today; Please Enjoy iTunes Bonus Track “Session One,” Wherein Slaughterhouse Rise (?) To The Occasion


As one of the sassier New York Times magazine q&a’s in recent memory (“Do you regret having written so many songs that refer to women as ‘bitches’ and ‘hos’ who exist solely for your pleasure?”) may have alerted you, Eminem, too, has a new record out this week. Let’s all hope for the best. Rap Radar is your source for the iTunes bonus tracks, including “Session One,” produced by Just Blaze and featuring putative supergroup Slaughterhouse, featuring Brooklyn’s own Joell Ortiz but dominated here by Crooked I, who, given Eminem’s verse about getting blown on the couch, comes closest to getting into the spirit of the thing: “I buy my bitch a new ass/Watch her shit on my money” leading into the far more preferable “I bear more arms than six koalas.” Hey, it’s better than “We Made You.”