Queens Window Washer/Karaoke Aficionado Writes Book on Losing V-Card


Queens window washer Shawn Wickens, 34, interviewed more than 1,000 Americans in three years to write his book, How to Lose Your Virginity. It’s not actually a how-to guide but a collection of tales from the trenches, including the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Whether men think about sex 5,000 times a year, at least once a day, or every seven seconds, how is it that no man had thought to write this book before now? Its very existence seems so natural.

In any case, Wickens is no ordinary dude. His website identifies him as a “Thinker – Performer – Karaoke Aficionado,” and the Daily News identifies him as a window washer/comedian who just wrote a book that’s worth at least the amount of time some men spend thinking about sex in a day (whatever that may be).

The book’s Twitter page (@VirginityBook), where Wickens Tweets excerpts that make you feel like an awkward teenager, is an added bonus. Here are a few samples.

“She lived down the street from me… two years later my mom started dating her dad. Now she’s my stepsister.” – page 106 #vcard #virginity

“We were so nervous, we took the condom out to the middle of the woods and buried it.” – page 28

“The next morning we had sex and she said the most flattering thing… ‘are you sure you’ve never done that before?'” – page 73 #vcard

The book is now available in paperback. And, yes, Wickens has lost his virginity.

In that spirit, feel free to share your own stories in the comments section. We’d love to share a laugh at your expense!