“Why Don’t We Ask The Girls What They Think?”: New York Magazine Spends Some Quality Time With Dr. Luke





Please enjoy the excellent Adam Sternbergh’s in-depth analysis of Dr. Luke — NYC native (though “‘The New York I grew up in is gone,’ he says bluntly”), Saturday Night Live alum, and, yes, alchemist behind any current radio-dominating pop smash you’d care to name. In addition to quoting two fine friends-of-SOTC, Maura Johnston and (rightly so!) Sean Fennessey, the piece is rife with useful details: Dr. Luke drives a Prius, was once pepper-sprayed by Avril Lavigne at his request (“It’s actually not as bad as you’d think . . . getting tased is a little different”), sold Flo Rida on his preferred version of “Right Round” by appealing to a useful nearby pack of ladies, and, as has become standard in pop-phenomenon profiles such as this, admits that he doesn’t so much write songs as assemble/curate/etc. Luke seems to regard Taio Cruz’ “Dynamite” as potentially his biggest hit yet: “When I gave it to Taio, I told him, ‘Listen. This song is not yours. You have to earn it.'” Soon it will be everyone’s song, as usual.