Alan Richman Weighs In on the Subject of Ethical Eating


Alan Richman, who was last seen readdressing his controversial post-“Douchebag Award” review of Les Halles, has resurfaced in GQ’s July issue, where he writes about the difficulties of trying to dine ethically for 30 straight days. His experiences have yielded Alan Richman’s 10 Commandments of Ethical Eating, which can be seen on the GQ website.

Many of Richman’s commandments are of the earnest variety: “Nobody’s health ever declined from eating unadvertised products.” “Know how the animal you eat was raised. You can lead an unexamined life, but your food cannot.” But while he also advises planting a garden, Richman hasn’t gone entirely soft. “Consider vegans a warning sign of ethical eating run amok,” he warns. And “Buying eleven-grain bread instead of seven-grain bread does not make you a better person.”

[Via Grub Street]