We’d call Rivane Neuenschwander, who hails from Brazil, more of a spiritual healer than an artist. Her show A Day Like Any Other showcases her conceptualism in painting, photography, film, sculpture, installation, collaborative actions, and participatory events. But here’s why we’re really going: “I Wish Your Wish” is a wall full of hundreds of “faithful” colorful silk ribbons with wishes on them written by visitors from past projects. Visitors will be invited to remove a ribbon, tie it to their wrist, and replace it with a new wish written on a slip of paper because, according to tradition, their wishes are granted when the ribbons wear away and fall off. And in her piece “First Love,” a police sketch artist will sit with visitors and listen as visitors describe the faces of their first loves; he will then produce portraits of these “first loves” to adorn the walls of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. We can’t wait!

June 30-Sept. 19, 2010