For the Record: The Kid in Toy Story 3 Is Not Using Tumblr


Crafty People on the Internet are excellent at coming up with Elaborate Pieces of Crafty Internet Bullshit, and this cute little meme is no exception. See, there’s this movie out in theaters right now called Toy Story 3, and it’s apparently dredging up any and all nostalgia, sentimentality, existential pain over lost innocence, and Freudian damage from viewers of it aged 9 to 87 for two and a half hours per showing, in 3-D, which when you think about it, is pretty great business. Enter an Elaborate Piece of Crafty Internet Bullshit!

Yes, that’s Toy Story 3‘s animated protagonist, Andy, who is supposedly using NYC-based microblogging service Tumblr in the movie Toy Story 3. The blog post that came from has 3,754 notes (an extraordinary number of either “likes” or “reblogs” on Tumblr), but as one Tumblr pointed out:

For the love of God, people. Stop reblogging this. It was a joke, stop getting so excited. You’re all idiots. ALL OF YOU.

Besides all the basic premises of logic that could affirm that contention (we would’ve heard sooner, the Toy Story 3 guys are mostly Twitter users, it wouldn’t look quite so photoshopped, etc), the fact is that

1. It’s just not real. Here’s the original shot from the movie:

And using the Runnin’ Scared Super Zoom Photo Thing Lens:

We prove it to be a photoshop by a Crafty Person on the Internet, as the actual computer in the photo bears no resemblance to the photo in the Tumblr photoshop. More important and saliently, however …

2. No Pixar character would ever be a Tumblr user. Unless they make a movie about a self-indulged meme-aggregator who lives in New York, LA, or Tokyo (or wants to live in New York, LA, or Tokyo) and works in media, tech, or is thinking about going to grad school (no matter how old they are) and is a chronically over-emotive…sea otter. Or Lay-Z-Boy. Or whatever other inanimate object and/or non-human Pixar’s going to make a movie about next. Then again, if Pixar made a movie about a footstool who blogged with Tumblr, I’d probably watch it. And it’d probably make me cry.