Mark Green’s New Radio Show, Backed by Eliot Spitzer


It was an Andrew Cuomo nightmare.

I went to Mark Green’s apartment last night for a party launching his new radio show, “BOTH SIDES NOW,” featuring Mary Matalin and Arianna Huffington. The hour-long syndication, set to play on 50 stations, starts this weekend. Matalin spoke briefly and kept invoking her husband James Carville, who roamed the spacious East 19th Street apartment but made himself invisible during the speeches, while Huffington turned up by the dial by saying how obsessed she was with sleep.

But the real star of the show, Eliot Spitzer, deliberately left the party just as the speeches began.

Spitzer was afraid Green would acknowledge him since he is a quiet “investor” bankrolling the show. Even with Spitzer gone, that’s precisely what Green did. Spitzer was the only backer Green named.

Of course, every Runnin’ historian recalls that Green ran a bitter primary campaign against Cuomo for attorney general in 2006, when Spitzer was king of the hill and on his way to a record-setting mandate in the gubernatorial campaign.

Cuomo will never forget that even when he was beating Green in the pre-primary polls by 22 points, Spitzer brushed aside his pitch for an endorsement, remaining nominally neutral but surreptitiously in Green’s corner. Spitzer’s financial endorsement of Green’s latest business venture is guaranteed to get that always-hot Cuomo blood boiling anew, confirming his 2006 suspicions.

Spitzer and Cuomo remain engaged in a viral war of words, with Cuomo’s press spokesman branding the Spitzer administration “decidedly corrupt” in March, and Spitzer refusing to say a few weeks later that he’d vote for the Democratic nominee. Of course, Spitzer’s grievance is Cuomo’s Troopergate report in 2007, which the ex-governor recently called “a whitewash” excusing Senate GOP leader Joe Bruno. Spitzer said Cuomo “lost all sense of proportion” in that probe, which he charged was “driven by politics.”

When Cuomo hears these two names attached to each other, all he does is hit the law books, looking for an applicable conspiracy statute.