Morning Links: Justice Dept. to File Suit Against Arizona; General Ordered to Explain Quotes in Rolling Stone; Lady Gaga on the L.E.S.


• The Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for its immigration law, on the basis that it is the federal government’s responsibility to set immigration policy, not that of individual states. [Reuters]

• BP exec Steve Westwell had the unpleasant job of standing in for Tony Hayward — who he said was “genuinely sorry” not to be there — at the World National Oil Companies Congress in London on Monday. Westwell was interrupted twice during his address by protesters. [NPR]

• The top commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, was ordered back to Washington today to explain to President Obama and the Pentagon his “openly contemptuous” remarks about senior members of the administration and others in an article in Rolling Stone. [NYT]

• New York approved a $1.60 increase to the cigarette tax last night, for a grand total of $4.35 in taxes per pack, or $6.85 with city and federal taxes. The average price for a pack is almost $11 in the city — all for the sake of the budget, of course. [NYDN]

• At midnight last night, the NYPD began a 24-hour “citywide crackdown” on using hand-held cell phones while driving. The fine if caught is $130. [NYC Gov]

• There was a Lady Gaga sighting on the Lower East Side. [Bowery Boogie]