The Obama White House Is Having a Bit of a Vermin Problem


Why is the Obama White House so pestered by pestilence? Last year, there was the fly that Obama killed during an interview with John Harwood for CNBC and the Times, an act which drew the perhaps displaced anger of many an insect-lover. (Have you ever been tortured by a buzzing fly? We dare you not to kill it, assuming you have the POTUS’s Mr. Miyagi-esque reflexes.)

Then, of course, there was that rat or vole or mole or whatever furry business it was that rudely ran right in front of Obama back in late May as the president addressed the end of a Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul plan from the Rose Garden.

And then, today, there was fly number 2, or fly number 2,000,000: Bigger, Better, Buzzier! — which the New York Times reports “repeatedly pestered” the president during today’s White House event to promote his new health care law. Turns out, Obama pardoned this guy, having a whole host of more aggravating pests to swat around. (Tony Hayward. Cough. General Stanley McChrystal. Ahem.)

We guess they’re right when they say, if you’ve got one, you’ve got a colony.