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Voice Photo Makes It into Iron Man Comic


We’ve learned that this rather amazing photo of comic book fan Sal Rizzo — dressed as Wolverine from X-Men and taken by photographer Paul Quitoriano for the Voice at Comic Con in February of 2009 — has made it into a new Iron Man comic. Which is pretty much the ultimate in regular-dudes-as-superheroes awesomeness (Sal, do you know about this?) but also a tad confusing for the photographer, who was as surprised to see his illustrated photo in a comic book as non-comic fans might be to see the photo at all.

On his website, Quitoriano expresses his excitement-slash-consternation:

So, my buddy Jason suggested I pick up the new invincible iron man and turn to page 12. I go down to the local elitist comic bookstore and quickly find what I am looking for. And HOLY CRAP. A photo I took at comicon two years ago is IN iron man. IRON MAN! Are you shitting me?! I dont know whether to feel excited or angry. Its a little bit of both. Do I ask them to give me money for using a likeness of a photo of mine? Do I ask for a blown up panel of this? Both?

Definitely, at the very least, a blown-up panel. One for us, too?