A-Rod Falling Fast on Most-Disliked Sports Figure List


Good news for Alex Rodriguez: he isn’t the most disliked figure in sports. At least not according to In a recent survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research for Forbes, of 1100 people active in professional sports as players, coaches, managers, broadcasters, and agents, Michael Vick ranked first for the second year in a row. A-Rod dropped from third place last year to number eight this year. (The rest of the lineup: 2, Raider’s owner Al Davis; 3, Ben Roethlisberger 4, Tiger Woods 5, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones; 6, Mark McGwire, and 7, Terrell Owens.)

Manny Ramirez, the number two most disliked athlete last year after revelations of his PED use, failed to make the top ten this year.

As for Vick, E-Poll CEO Jerry Philpot suggested that “If you were to limit the response to just NFL fans, Vick’s number would probably skew lower.”

Which means probably, that if you eliminated dog lovers, Alex Rodriguez was, last year, one of the two most disliked men in sports — at least among sports professionals. How did A-Rod drop all the way to the 8th spot? A handful of clutch hits in the postseason and a World Series ring will do wonders for one’s reputation. If the Yankees win again this year, look for him to drop out of the top ten altogether.

Since Al Davis and Jerry Jones are management people, it’s unlikely that any fan would place them among their most disliked. So we can’t help wondering who the fans would revile the most. Anyone seen a survey of fans on the subject?