April Bloomfield Unleashes Her Inner Vegetarian at the Saveur Barbecue


While her food at the Breslin isn’t exactly synonymous with vegetarian dining, April Bloomfield surprised more than a few grazers at the Saveur magazine barbecue last night by serving not animal parts, but salad. The chef and her crew dished out a boldly flavored chickpea-lentil-feta salad that was garnished with fat cilantro leaves, roasted red peppers, and thinly sliced purple onions, and given a solid kick in the pants by some roasted red chilies. It was an earthy, refreshing counterpoint to the carnivorous excess being served by the likes of Tom Colicchio, Michael Anthony, Zak Pelaccio, and Jose Garces. When one guest expressed surprise at Bloomfield’s contribution to this celebration of animal flesh, the chef replied simply, “I like salad.”

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