Bubbles Reunites With LaToya!


According to a new Animal Planet documentary, the king of pop’s pet chimp lives in an ape center in Florida and hasn’t been told of Michael’s death, even though we’re informed, “Michael was a mother figure to him.”

The chimp is carefully protected from all manner of jolts and exploitation, but when LaToya smells a camera crew and wants to reunite with the creature, all systems are go.

The chimpkeeper warns her, of course, that Bubbles spits a lot.

But Bubbles doesn’t spit when he sees LaToya (even though he looks like he wants to).

He doesn’t do much of anything, looking distracted and clearly not caring in the least, except when he bangs his cage in anger.

He doesn’t even think it’s Michael!

“He remembers you!” LaToya is assured by the keeper. “He recognized you! He didn’t spit!”

Not fully convinced, LaToya demands some private time with the chimp — with the cameras on, of course–and keeps asking him, “Do you remember me, Bubbles?”

She starts sobbing uncontrollably, clearly finding this moment symbolic on several levels.

Do you remember me, Bubbles?” she repeats, as the chimp stays stubbornly silent.

Don’t it break your heart?