CB3 Denies Liquor License to Frank Prisinzano’s ‘Simple Italian Cafeteria’


It looks like Frank Prisinzano’s plans to open a “simple Italian cafeteria” in the former Graceland space on Avenue A and East 2nd Street have been thwarted, at least for the moment: His application for a liquor license was denied at CB3’s full board meeting last night. EV Grieve has a comprehensive account of the meeting, which sounds like it was pretty harsh for Prisinzano: 28 board members voted against his application, while 11 voted for it. But at least he had company: Sea on A, the would-be fishmonger/restaurant/bar, also had its application overwhelmingly denied.

Of course, community board denial doesn’t mean that either business can’t ultimately get a liquor license. It just means that the road got a lot bumpier, and that a bank branch is probably looking a lot more attractive to Graceland’s landlord.