Latest “Take Back the” Cause Involves Lunch


Well, if you’re looking for a good cause but protesting BP or getting involved with PETA or, say, human rights or something seems a little excessive, you can always start a little closer to home. Like, with your lunch. The Energy Project, which “offers organizations and individuals a ground-breaking, science-based approach to fueling sustainable personal energy” has started a Take Back Your Lunch movement, which they call “a simple idea about reclaiming something that’s rightfully yours … LUNCH.”

You may have read about their latest gambit on the cover of amNewYork today.

Every Wednesday this summer, starting June 23rd at noon in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park and in public parks nationwide, workers across America will be taking a collective lunch break. We are mobilizing now and need you to sign up for a meetup near you, organize a lunch, and spread the word.

Honestly, we’d just as soon eat lunch at our desks in front of our computers as have to go outside in the heat and actually talk to people, but we guess it’s nice someone’s fighting the good fight for lunch rights even if we suspect that others who’ve had to fight to take back nights, perhaps, or land, for instance, are going to judge this as a bit … shall we say, silly?

Currently, 191 have signed up. If you go, report back. We’ll change our mind if a lot of hotties show up.