M&M’s Go Chocolate Salty; Watchdog Group Could Sue Mickey D’s Over Happy Meal Toys


M&M’s is launching a new flavor with a nugget of pretzel inside the candy to cater to the growing consumer taste for mixing sweet and salty flavors. The campaign for pretzel M&Ms is relying strongly on digital and social media.
[NY Times]

Restaurants are struggling to wean customers off the deals they’ve gotten used to getting in the past couple of years.
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, Americans are still limiting their nights out, despite the economic recovery. More than half of people surveyed in May say they go out less than before the recession.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

JetBlue is launching five new snack boxes priced at $6 each on long-haul flights, but there will still be free snacks on every flight.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nutrition watchdog group, is threatening to sue McDonald’s if the fast-food giant won’t stop using toys to sell children Happy Meals.