Morning Links: General McChrystal to Face Obama Today; Nikki Haley Wins Republican Nomination for Governor; USA vs. Algeria


• General Stanley A. McChrystal, top commander in Afganistan, has submitted his resignation over his critical remarks — including saying Obama appeared “uncomfortable and intimidated” during their first meeting, and dismissing Vice President Biden as “Bite Me” — in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. It’s not clear whether President Obama will accept the resignation. They will meet this morning. [NYT]

• The journalist who wrote the Rolling Stone piece got access to McChrystal because of Eyjafjallajokull. They were stranded together in Paris for two days. [NYT via Pat’s Papers]

• South Carolina Representative Nikki Haley easily won the Republican nomination for governor last night, making her frontrunner for the office this fall. [WP]

• Worst flight ever? A Newark-bound Virgin Airlines flight from London was diverted to Bradley Airport in Connecticut because of last night’s storms. The plane sat on the tarmac for four hours, leaving passengers in 100 degree temperatures because generators went out. Some fainted. Then came the immigrations/customs troubles. Virgin apologizes, and is saying all passengers will be bused to beautiful Newark. [NBC NY]

• An 84-year-old nun was killed yesterday when a fleeing robber’s getaway van jumped a curb and hit her and two other pedestrians at West 122nd Street. One suspect is in police custody. [NYPost]

• In World Cup news, it’s U.S. vs. Algeria and England vs. Slovenia today at 10 a.m. [NYT]

• The oil spill is now totally ruining people’s beach weddings. [NYDN]