Red and White Currants From Locust Grove Farm


Red and white currants are only in season for a short time, and right now you can find the berries at Locust Grove Farm’s Greenmarket stand.

The tiny, translucent orbs are the size of salmon roe; the white ones are sweeter than the red, which are pleasantly astringent and tart. These are a different fruit entirely than the sweet dried currants you often find in scones or sauteed with pine nuts and spinach. They’re a close relative of another sour treat, gooseberries, which Locust Grove also sells. A pint of the currants costs $5, a half-pint $3.

You can pluck the berries straight from the stem into your mouth, but they’re especially good with any strongly flavored meat or game. You could throw a few in to finish a quick pan sauce, and use the beautiful springs to garnish the plate. Or you could make red currant jelly, which can then be saved for winter and used in recipes like this wild boar stew.