Cooking Co-ops Thrive; the Lion Burger Saga Continues


A new CSA for the South Bronx lets residents determine what they’ll get, with a chance to own shares in the farm. [NY Times]

Cooking co-ops, or dinner swaps, are a growing trend, allowing people to provide prepared meals for each other, according to a schedule. [NY Times]

“Status salads,” like the $55 lobster-and-black-truffle salad at the Four Seasons, are now all the rage among the power-lunching crowd. [NY Post]

Suckling pig is replacing exotic dancers at foodie bachelor parties. [NY Times]

The Arizona restaurant at the center of a backlash over its World Cup lion burgers is not quite as interesting as the mom-and-pop butcher that processes the meat. [CNN]

The local and organic food movement is spreading to hospitals. [NPR]

British supermarket chain Waitrose is looking to make inroads into the U.S. [Reuters]