Four New Tracks You Haven’t Heard from Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs


The four tracks that already leaked from The Most Anticipated Album Drop of the Third-Quarter of 2010 — the Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs — have been met with mostly unmitigated, exuberant joy (also matched by the city at-large, who got an extra MSG date added recently). There’s the waning folk desperation of title track “The Suburbs,” the driving punk mumbles of “Month of May,” the Supertramp-descendant wide-lensing of “We Used to Wait,” and the charging-anthem drama of “Ready to Start” (all of which you can find here).

If that wasn’t enough for you — and for many, it’s not — floating around now is a live bootleg of an Arcade Fire show from earlier this month in Quebec, where the band debuted eight new songs, which include four of the ones you already know. And these are the other four:

The recordings are all from the same guy, from a show in Sherbrooke, Quebec, on June 8th, earlier this month.


The song has the slow-burn haunting of slower Arcade Fire songs like “Haiti,” but check out that harpsichord and sting section put to epic if not incredibly creepy, Pixies-playbook use.

“Suburban War”:

It’s the new Arcade Fire song with the Big Arcade Fire Ending that people who missed these numbers from Funeral found Neon Bible lacking in. It kicks in at about 3:20.

“Modern Man”:

“City With No Children”:

Likely to be the most hotly debated of the new songs, there’s a little church revivalism in here, a little Billy Joel in here, maybe even a little U2 (songs about places, especially those with any kind of preposition thrown in there — “City of Blinding Lights,” “In God’s Country,” etc — make for too easy a comparison) and a raging piano line. The lyricism hasn’t necessarily gotten any more complex since we last heard from the band (“Do you think your righteousness
can pay the interests on your debt?
“) but that’s not necessarily a terrible thing.

Neither are advance listens of new Arcade Fire songs via a decent quality bootleg recording. The label’s grip on this record is understandably tight, but as the songs get aired out more, those in desperate need are likely gonna have a chance to hear them. And as for the MP3s on those songs? You can do a YouTube-To-Mp3 converter (Google it), or just download the entire show here.

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