Gen. McChrystal’s Twitters, as Channeled by Gail Collins


Forget the 10,000 other words you’re tempted to read about McChrystal-gate this morning. Gail Collins has it all as she channels the newly-ousted General’s Twitter musings on his recent European tour.

As per: “In Paris with my Kabul posse — Bluto, Otter, Boon, Flounder. Plus some newbie. Guys call him Scribbles.”

And: “Team America is partying! Bluto’s doing his impression of Joe Biden. Scribbles taped whole thing — get ready for laughs when we get home.”

Also well worth the visit on the same Times op-ed page: Voice alum Lucian K. Truscott IV on his grandfather’s WWII explanation to another pesky journalist-observer of what military sacrifice means.