It’s a Visor; It’s a Yarmulke; It’s a Yamulkap?


Wearing a Yamulkap makes a statement: Religious observance and sun protection are not mutually exclusive. The cap, sporty and understated, with a brim to shade from the sun attached to a yarmulke to keep with Jewish tradition, might be one of the smartest inventions of our time, even if it is a little nerdy.

Inventor Seth Mosler “began selling the caps for $12.99 online about two months ago and has sold about two dozen so far,” the Daily News reports. Well, he’s off to a slow start, and his demographic is limited to a population deeply rooted in tradition, but who can fault a guy who thought of the invention when he saw Orthodox kids tossing a Frisbee in Central Park and getting sunburned.

This revelation in headgear is a nice boon for religious folks, but Mosler might also promote the ventilation factor. No one likes it when their sweaty head feels like it’s about to explode due to baseball-cap greenhouse effect. With a little finesse and a more broad-based approach, Yamulkaps could be a widespread summer trend.

Still, we can’t get past the fact that these look like those upside-down kitchen contraptions used to separate the yolks from the whites of eggs. Perhaps Yankees-esque pinstripes or flag prints for the World Cup would convert us into true Yamulkap believers.

If you’re feelin’ it, there’s even a Facebook group.