Jersey Shore Continues to Respond to Queer Issue Cover-Status With Pride, Silence


Putting the boys of Jersey Shore on the cover of The Village Voice‘s Queer Issue is apparently a big deal! I mean, we didn’t think anything of it when it happened, and given those now-classic So Gay They Make You Go “Hmm” photos, we didn’t think anybody would think much of it, either, other than, you know, the Voice knows how to get handsome young men on the cover of their paper. Well! How wrong we were. Earlier today, we noted that the boys had responded to some of the hullabaloo in the press. And they’re still paying mind to it, though, in very, very different ways.

So far, our little cover kerfuffle has made the New York Post, New York Daily News, and the New York Observer (as we still hold out for the Times and the Journal). Also, a bunch of blogs of non-newspaper websites but WHATEVER.

The point is it’s a big deal, because most people in America and around the world go “Hmm, the Jersey Shore guys and (not-closeted) gay people, that doesn’t mix,” and we go, “That’s what they said about peanut butter and chocolate, bitches.”

Well, having already given everyone the rundown on The Situation (Basically: “No big deal.”), Jersey Shore‘s The Situation showed the world just how much pride he has for our Queer Issue by making it his Facebook photo. Not even joking:

Come on, people. Credit where it’s due: The Situation is handling The Situation like a mensch. And for that, we salute him.

Unfortunately, Ronnie — The One Who Said That Homophobic Shit Way Back Whenas we noted earlier (and as Access Hollywood has now noted), has remained silent:

Ronnie, who made headlines in February following his homophobic rant taken from unaired footage of the MTV series that surfaced on YouTube, has not commented about appearing on The Village Voice cover.

Ronnie, have you had too much RonRon Juice to understand what a great chance this is for you to clear your name with the gay community? Proud and loud, sister. We want you to give it to us, hard. And by “it,” we don’t mean your penis. We’re talking about your endorsement of the gay community who you once insulted and then apologized to but who you now act as a representative of unequivocal worldwide (or at least: Tri-State) acceptance for. You know where to reach us. I’m talking about email. You can email us, Ronnie.