Mayor Bloomberg Visits Forever 21, Makes a Fashion Funny


Mike Bloomberg ventured into the new, frighteningly massive Forever 21 in Times Square (you can’t miss it; it’s 90,000 square feet of fashion now occupying the space of the former Virgin Megastore) this afternoon, and, while surrounded by amazingly cheap, surprisingly decent knockoff wearables, said a funny!

Per DNAinfo,

“My age is a little different than the average person who shops here,” Bloomberg said Thursday, amidst the orange bubble skirts and shimmery rose rings. “I think I missed the Forever 68 department.”

After mentioning his old-person need for sleep, he snagged two bags of swag for his also-not-21-year-old daughters.

Opening day is tomorrow — if you’re insane. 100,000 people are expected to shop there daily.