Michael Wolff Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Takes Shots at Sharon Waxman, Offers Presidential Candidacy


Michael Wolff is capital-T Talking again. The infamous Vanity Fair columnist who recently started a fight with the 15 year-old kid of a revered professor who is currently dying of ALS (and then proven wrong) is saying more ridiculous Michael Wolff Things, and he’s saying them on video. He’s also perfected the Evil Bespectacled Wallace Shawn impersonation.

In case you didn’t know, Michael Wolff runs a website called Newser, and in the tradition of Newser, I’m going to make my link to that site — which boils down other people’s news to it’s stupidest components without actually delivering any genuinely original content besides Wolff’s rants about 15 year-old boys — as obscured as I possibly can.

As for what the gametape you’re about to see shows, it’s Wolff revitalizing one of his many feuds in his Big Think interview by talking more smack on Hollywood news site editor Sharon Waxman of The Wrap — who accused Newser of being a parasite on content, which it is — and calling her a “monumentally moronic woman who got fired from The New York Times, who went into her business having written about someone in the New York Times who then invested in her company.Good stuff, right? Unfortunately, Wolff doesn’t present the context for this, so we’ll never know exactly what he’s talking about here, but his mouth is moving, and words are coming out of it. Also, he talks about wanting to be president if he weren’t a columnist, which could be taken as a joke if Wolff didn’t say and sincerely believe ridiculous things like these more often than not.

But whereas attention is typically the byproduct of a well-reported story or a well-written column, in Wolff’s case, it’s….

…Well, in any event: Bait, taken. If someone out there is going to make dumbing-down our national conversation such a shameless and transparent ploy for money, we might as well stare at it as hard as we can, since it’s obviously long past the point of being tweezed and/or burned out at this point. Maybe we just have to buy a new mattress/The Internet? In the mean time, someone else has articulated all of this in a far superior manner, and we’d just rather leave the final word on The Issue of Michael Wolff to them.