Morning Links: iPhone 4 Is Here; BP to Drill in Alaska; New Surveillance Cameras in NYC


• The iPhone 4 is here. Reports from the twittoverse say “the lines are crazy!” [CNET]

• BP is moving ahead with a “controversial and potentially record-setting project” to drill about three miles off the coast of Alaska to access a 100-million-barrel reservoir of oil under federal waters. [NYT]

• The NYPD has launched a new network of high-tech surveillance cameras to “combat terrorism and detect suspicious behavior” in lower Manhattan and Midtown. [NYPost]

• Al Gore was accused of sexual assault by a massage therapist in 2006. The matter was eventually dropped for lack of evidence. [WP]

• A train accident outside of Barcelona has killed 12 people. [CNN]

• Jack Abramoff, disgraced lobbyist and convicted felon, has a new job, at a kosher pizzeria in Baltimore. [NYT]

• The V and the W trains will run their last runs tomorrow. Aw. [amNY]