New New York City Ad Promises if You See Something, You’ll Be Something


The new New York City ad campaign (because we want people to come here, right? Right?) launching this week promises that the more you see, the more you’ll be, and since New York is positively riddled with things to see, seeing them means you’ll be quite a lot. In support of that, the print ads mix images of New York City landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and Yankee Stadium with pictures of all the things you can buy in New York City. So it’s like, aspirational!

Bloomberg hopes that these ads will draw 50 million tourists annually to our humble town by the year 2013. So far, tourism is already on the rise, says George Fertitta, chief executive officer of NYC & Company. This is just to keep ’em coming.

On the pro side, we do like the melodious vocal stylings of the commercial’s narrator, even though the background accompaniment is dreadful and there’s kind of a poor man’s iPod/Verizon commercial mashup quality to the whole shebang. (Why the cheesy colored lines flashing everywhere, guys?)

And, in so much as these might somehow generate an influx of tourists spending money to support our economy, they’re cool, even if that does mean longer lines and annoying slow-walking sidewalk crowders in Soho. At least we have that tourists/New Yorkers sidewalk line now.

But…if tourists are already coming to New York, do we really need an ad campaign? Presumably, everyone knows we’re here, at least, everyone who knows that planes exist. Just imagine if we could put the $1.2 million (not counting in-house campaign creation costs) spent disseminating these new ads into cleaning up all the dog poop on sidewalks in the Village. Now, that would be something for the tourists to see!