The $2.70 Mortadella Panino at Il Cantuccio in the West Village


The mortadella panino is made with traditional saltless Tuscan bread.

One of the best sandwich deals in town is found not at a deli or sandwich shop, but at a Central Italian bakery called Il Cantuccio, open only a few months in the West Village.

The sandwich offers a choice of mortadella, prosciutto, or ham on the traditional Tuscan saltless bread, which is rarely found outside Central Italy. The crumb is moist, and the crust crusty. And don’t worry about the bread being saltless, since the meat placed in the sandwich is way salty in itself.

The sandwich costs only $2.70, but even more astonishing is how the sandwich is a spitting image of the one you’d get in Italy: With no mayo, mustard, or any other condiment on the bread, and a wad of meat that can only be called modest. One bite and you’re transported to Florence or Arezzo. 91 Christopher Street, 212-647-8787